Monday, January 21, 2008

Adopting parts of Maverick / Maverick best practices

Is it possible to adopt parts of Maverick style management but not
the whole?

This brings up some issues. First let me contrast this to a common
topic, can you adopt parts of XP and gain /most/ of the benefits?

I have found that most people adopt TDD and continuous builds, throw
in some code coverage, use some type of standup meeting, and call it

The reason I bring up XP is that TDD has been identified by many as
the major contribution of XP.

So, to answer this question about Maverick style businesses, are
there some /parts/ that can be identified as the major contributors?

I think the major contributors are:
1) Company-wide knowledge of salaries.
2) Team based review process.
3) Team based hiring process.

What /parts/ do you think are the major contributors?

If items 1-3 are a subset of the complete Maverick style of business,
what are the other items that make up a Maverick style business?

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