Monday, January 21, 2008

Agile methods are not agile...

Agile methods are not agile.

Methods are nothing more than methods. They can not act. Thus they can
not be agile.

People can be agile. Choices can be made based on the need to change
and are called agile choices.

XP can be no more agile than the people that make up the XP team.
None of the methods can be anything more than the results of the
actions of the people that make up the team.

I have already heard about non-agile XP teams that resist change and
say, "XP says it has to be done this way. If we do what you say then we
are not an XP house."

People that don't understand the values of XP will struggle to
make /agile/ decisions. As many people race to embrace instead of
understand, XP may become as rigid as any methodology we have ever seen.

And this makes me say, methodologies are not rigid, but the people that
implement them.

Just like in the waterfall days... when I ask to change something from
up stream and my manager said, "The medology that we use here does not
allow that." I said, "Wrong, you don't allow it." He didn't get the

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