Monday, January 21, 2008

Efficiently using Office Space

I just had a thought about how the COO and the building "people" try
to efficiently use office space.

That is fine and all, but isn't it like the tail wagging the dog?

In a software company the efficiency of the main bottleneck, which is
development, should be the focus.

I imagine a perfect work are like this:

A large open area with large tables, lots of white boars, etc.

Also, I imagine some smaller enclosed areas, one that can hold 5
people, and the rest for 2 or 3.

Finally I imagine some cubes with really tall walls.

If we are developing on a platform that allows for terminals, then
terminals are setup in all of these areas. If not, then the
programmer's have laptops and there are monitors, keyboards, and mice
setup in all of the areas for the developers to use and to connect.

In this setup there would be rooms/areas emptie all of the time. But
the use of the areas would match the needs of the developers for the
task and issues at hand. Productivity on demand.

But, the Building People would have a cow in most companies!

Where is the costs? In the rent or in the developer's productivity?
That is the question. If rent is killing you then I am going to bet
your company doesn't make it anyway.

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