Monday, January 21, 2008

My Vision for Maverick Software Development

A friend asked me about my vision for Maverick. Since it doesn't make
any money, why do it?

Ah, my Maverick vision you want (said in Yoda voice).

I would like to have a Wiki where there are sections that match your
situation. Let's say you are a one man band and you want to do XP.
There's a section. Say you are a member of a Spiral Team on a DoD
contract. There is a section for you.

Also all of the books are online and living. Suppose XP Explained was
on the Maverick Wiki. We don't have to wait for editors and
publishers. If there is a change it shows up. Imagine the discussion
on BDD versus TDD in a Maverick world. We all talk about it, and if
BDD is deamed more appropriate, we refactor the text to be BDD.

I know there is big business in writing books, etc. But I don't see
how it is the best way to deliver ideas to the development community.
I am not motivated by money in Maverick. I realize that the authors
of these books are also consultants and my idea is going to be met by
resistence because I am saying that their part of the business is not

So, I would like enough members that believe in Maverick and are
found in enough different sectors to build up the repository of
living information on how to develope software.


So there you have it. I am "bucking" traditional software development
from "every concievable angle".

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