Monday, January 21, 2008

Simplicity versus Complexity

In many agile processes they say "do the simplest thing possible".

I agree that you should not program some cool solution because you
wanted to learn or use some technology or algorithm at the expense of
those paying for the product.

I think the Maverick value would be:

We value 'lateral understanding' (if that is a term, based of of
Lateral thinking) and then choosing the right solution.

Near the bottom of my web site I say this:

"You know with a flat-head screw driver, a pair of vice-grips, and a
hammer you can fix almost anything but you can build almost nothing!"

I came up with that saying outside of the context of discussing
agile's idea that you must do the simplest thing.

A flat head screw driver, vice-grips, and a hammer are very simple
tools. They are the most common tools for household repairs. They are
included in the toolbox of the carpenter or constructor, but they are
accompanied by a myriad of other tools.

People must know the complex solutions and when the are applicable.

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