Monday, January 21, 2008

The Maverick Carta

The Maverick Carta

We recognize that results reflect leadership.

We acknowledge that everyone desires to enjoy their career, whatever career path they chose.

We assert that the quality of life enjoyed by each employee is a cornerstone to product quality, productivity, and the resulting success of the company.

We claim that trust is essential and therefore champion trust building policies and take the initiative.

We assert that a company should not be paternalistic, the power to reward and punish is too powerful to be centered into the hands of a few or even one.

We recognize that the financial situation of the company must influence decisions and that this information must be shared.

The trust building policies include:

Company wide disclosure of salaries and other benefits.

Company wide disclosure of the financial status of the company presented in an honest and straightforward manner.

Company wide reviews of all employees such that everyone one's position is just as safe or unsafe as anyone else's position.

Company direction set through a consent basis.

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